Cotton Made in Africa

The target of the CmiA project is to support development of sustainable cotton production in Africa and its global distribution.

Ayka Textile supports CmiA since 2007 and acts as a yarn supplier in this project.

By participating in CmiA we do not only intend to enlarge our assortment of yarns but especially focus on contribution to humanitarian aid in one of the worlds most indigent regions.

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Environmental Policy

Since our founding we, as Ayka Textile, place great value on raising awareness of our environment. By acting as a model we do not only intend to safeguard natural resources ourselves but also inspire others to follow this necessary movement.

We believe that inevitable changes in the use of resources have to be made in the upcoming years. Therefore we educate our employees in Turkey as well as in Ethiopia in matters of economical use of resources, recycling, pollution, and unnecessary waste.

We committed ourselves to advance the plan of securing the environment and preserving nature for future generations.




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CmiA & Environmental policy