Ayka Spinning

Our Spinning department has a daily capacity of 15 tons and is able to produce melange or raw yarns from cotton and man made Fibers like polyester, polyamid, viscose, modal, wool or their mixtures .

Ayka Knitting

This department has a daily capacity of 15-20 tons of fabric and is equiped with 120 high-tech roundknitting machines.

Ayka Dyeing & Finishing

Dyeing department has following daily capacities:

20 tons of Fabric dyeing, 5 tons of Yarn dyeing, 4 tons of Fiber dyeing

This department is equipped with a fully automatic dye kitchen and modern dyeing and finishing machines.

Pattern Construction / Cutting Room

Our pattern construction room is set up with Lectra pattern making, grading and marking systems, which are automatically communicating with our Lectra or Gerber cutters.

Garment production

Our daily capacity of garment production is approximately 30.000-40.000 pieces.


Thanks to our in-house facilities like screenprinting, embroidery, ribbon production and woven or printed label production, we keep costs down and produce more flexible and fast.